– Arkadia Theatre was constructed in 1861 from the materials of the Engel Theatre and demolished in 1908. The  Arkadia Theatre was situed in Helsinki, in the corner of Salomonkatu and Arkadiankato, close to Paasikivenaukio. Nowdays so called Hankkijan talo is situated on its site. .

–  The first Theater house in Helsinki, designed by Carl Ludvig Engel, was built in 1827. It was dismantled in 1860 due to the New Theater House that was being built in its vicinity. Engel's Theatre was situated in the Esplanade Park, close to the statue of Eino Leino, between Korkeavuorenkatu and the present Svenska Teatern. The old Engel Theatre was transfered to Espoontulli where it was reconstrued and opened in 1861 as Arkdia Theatre.  

– Kuopio Theatre functioned 1874–1880 in the manège of Hatsala garrison. After its demolition Kuopio Theatre was situated in Väinölänniemi Theatre House from 1882 to 1967 when it burnt down. It was also known as Lottahovi or Väinölänniemen Hovi.

– Nya Theatern was built twice in Helsinki. The first theatre house was desined by  Georg Theodor Chiewitzin and it was opened in 1860. A fire destroyed the theatre in 1863. The second theatre house was designed by Nicholas Benois and it was opened in 1866. Since 1870 the name was Nya teatern and since 1888  Svenska Teatern i Helsinfgors vuodesta. The address is  Pohjoisesplanadi 2, Helsinki.

– Wiipuri Theatre House was built in 1832 and it was destroyed in Wolrd War II (Continuation War), in 1841. Wiipuri Theatre was situated in the cornder of Vahtitorninkatu and Possenkatu. The building was desingned by  Andres Fredrik Granstedt. 

– Åbo Svenska Teater. The wooden Turku Theatre house was burnt down in the fire of Turku in 1827. A new theatre house, made of stone, was built in 1839, designed byPehr Johan Gylich and Carl Ludvig Engel. Also this Theatre house was burnt in 1881, and repoened in 1882; renovation designed by Carl Johan von Heideken. The address of the Theatre house is  Eerikinkatu 13, Turku.