– Encore. Finnish National Opera performance database (1911–); 

– Ilona. Finnish theatre database (1800s–);

– Digital Collections of the National Library of Finland; Through this page there is a direct access to digital newspaper collections. See also the digitalized ephemera collection of the National Library of Finland; 

– The archive of the Finnish National Theater, Catalogue nr. 742, lists also the score material used in the 19th Century;

– Theatre Museum (Helsinki). Artefact collections and archives;

– Theatre posters for the Turku Swedish Theatre (Åbo Svenska Teater);

– Viola. The National Discography of Finland;


– The Music Collections of the National Library of Norway;

– The Archive of the Royal Theatres (of Sweden);

– The Music Collections in the National Library of Sweden;

– Scenkonstmuseet / Swedish Museum of Performing Arts;

– The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden; 

– Database for collections in the Music and Theatre Library of Sweden;

– Dansk Forfatterleksikon provides access to Danish music theatre performances (for instance in the Royal Theatre 1748–1975);

– The Music Collections of the Royal Library of  Denmark;